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Credits Edit

The list below is not complete, if I forgot to mention you, please drop me an e-mail (and I will add you to the list and send you an apology) or edit it yourself.

Main Developer

  • Martijn Koedam (Qball Cow)

Code Contributions

  • A. Klitzing
  • Matthias Drochner (64bit time_t fix)

Artwork Edit

Translation Edit

  • Maxime Petazzoni
  • Johám-Luís Miguéns Vila
  • Corrado Gizzi
  • mazdac
  • ivvmm
  • Dante Díaz
  • Björn_Nilsson
  • Klaus Simon
  • Kenan Dervišević
  • Bonic
  • Vojtěch Látal
  • Ilari Oras
  • Wieland Hoffmann
  • Yaron
  • DarkAce
  • Norbert Illes
  • Rahman Yusri Aftian
  • Kristaps
  • myromance123
  • Aleks K
  • Mateusz Szyper
  • Ruslan Almukhametov
  • Dostojevskji
  • yuan
  • keenblade

Testers Edit

  • Avuton
  • Zaunmayrchris
  • BenV
  • Rasi

Release Manager

  • Avuton Olrich

Packager Edit

  • Ripps

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