Changes since 0.16.1 Edit


  • Fix building with NLS disabled.
  • Fix resize issue.
  • Add a function that generates a filename for cover art, this should be used in metadata plugins. To give a more consistent saving.
  • New Metadata database that uses a more structured layout. (less overhead)
  • Custom progres bar. (So gmpc does not use 20% cpu on a theme with animated progress bar)
  • Sharper lines around album art.
  • [libmpd] If idle command available use it to detect changes in stored playlist.
  • Update stored playlist without loosing selection.
  • Allow prioritizing of metadata plugins from the gui.
  • Speed up saving of config/metadata file by +- 50 times.
  • Only save config/metadata/profile file on closing of gmpc.
  • Add a script that allows you to open pls files from your browser (gmpc-remote-stream).
  • Always safe window zoom state between sessions.
  • Add possibility to use buttons instead of dropdown.
  • Allow more advanced search query in playlist filter.
  • Allow the more advanced search in the search browser. (query entry).
  • Compile time option to get the EggTrayIcon back. (that allows scroll(ing) event on the tray)
  • Add Hebrew and turkish translation.
  • Fix wrong version check, causing GmpcMpdDataTreeview settings to reset on each update.
  • Several smaller and larger memory leaks fixed.

Fixed bugs:

  • 0001764: Allow drag and drop of images on the GmpcMetaImage.
  • 0001481: Add possibility to prioritize metadata plugins.
  • 0001765: Check available urlhandler before handling dnd.
  • 0001604: Mute/unmute multimedia key support.
  • 0001767: Expand/Collaps keybinding keypad is wrong.
  • 0001772: Opening of Information on a song is slow.
  • 0001794: Fix gtk deprecation warnings.
  • 0001814: Add reset browser option.
  • 0001794: Fix high cpu usage caused by progressbar.
  • 0001866: Fonts get cut off during mouse over of songs.
  • 0001888: Show tooltip on hoover.
  • Memory leak in GmpcClickLabel
  • Fix play-queue gettting stuck in quick-search.
  • Add --debug-updates option that shows redraws.
  • Fix mute icon.

Windows build:

  • Fix windows crasher with xml parser cleanup. gmpc will now init libxml on startup (for threading) and clean it up on close.
  • Fix windows application icon on cross compile.
  • Fix writing of invalid characters to filename (saving metadata).
  • Use start instead of xdg-open to get a browser.

Mac OsX build:

  • Dock icons (that reflects status).
  • Menu bar integration with apple bar.
  • Apple menu integration.
  • Use 'open' instead of xdg-open to open an uri.

Libmpd Edit

  • Concatenate artist/composer/performer tag.
  • Support Query changes using idle command.
  • Unix socket support.
  • Fix false MPD_CST_STORED_PLAYLIST update.
  • Fix build on opensolaris.
  • Convert error messages to utf-8 before passing to gmpc.
  • Fix memory leak in idle check.
  • Several typo's fixed (thx to Priyank)
  • (Open) Solaris build fix.
  • Fix document distribution (thx to Priyank).
  • Support for playlist modification time.
  • Get more changed signals using idle command.
  • Convert debug output to locale before outputting.

Plugins Edit

  • Metadata plugins adjusted to use the new path function in gmpc.
  • Fix crasher of libxml plugins on windows.
  • Magnatune/serverstats fix finding of extra data when installed outside prefix.
  • Fix memory leak in gmpc-lyricwiki plugin.

Downloading Edit

Get the tar.gz release here