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GMPC 0.19.1 is as update purely on GMPC itself. plugins and libmpd from 0.19.0 are fully compatible. 0.19.1 Fixes several smaller bugs:

  • Make GMPC source package compile on windows. (add missing gmpc.ico).
  • Set resizing rules propperly so the connection preferences pane shows everywhere.
  • Fix win32 build crashes (thanks to avuton).
  • Improve add-url code.
  • Sort directories in file-browser case insensitive.
  • Show database update on startup if db changed when gmpc was closed.
  • Make update message work nicer with mpd's inotify support.
  • Make Gmpc:EasyDownload:uri_escape also escape + and &. (fixes fetching metadata for artist/albums with & in the name)
  • Add new nowplaying window designed after the following mockup.
  • A rare segfault, and more.


Source code: here

Windows: installer or zip

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