This release is spit and polish release, on both the gui side: new icon theme (humanity), updated base icons theme, updated metadata browser, etc. and the code side: Async image loader, Async mpd query, more code moved to vala, vala generated code is no longer included, etc.

New features Edit

  • Humanity icon theme
  • A pixbuf cache. Avoid loading image at the same size twice, and reloading images.
  • Async loading/scaling off images from the hard-disk.
  • Async mpd query handler. Loads data over a separate connection.
  • Copy message to clipboard button.
  • Use load command to make mpd load remote playlists (mpd 0.16 only)
  • Update now playing look

Updates Edit

  • A updated hicolor theme.
  • Make metadata browser use the style off the new now-playing browser.
  • Fix sorting order off the Database browser.
  • Speedup filling of directory view in file browser.

Removed Edit

  • Do not load weblinks from the wiki anymore (possible security risk)

Build updates Edit

  • Do not include vala generated C code, generate this build time. (in git)

Download Edit

Source release: here Windows 32 release: here Windows 32 portable app: here