The easy command entry

A feature in post gmpc-0.16.x development repositories is gmpc has an feature called "easy command". Easy command gives you a small command box, allowing you to quickly execute commands without having to use the mouse.

For example, send the command to gmpc to search in the play queue for the song Holy Mother from the artist Eric Clapton and play that song immediately the following could easily be typed.

First, start the "easy command" mode:


Next, type the following command:

play title=Holy mother artist=Eric Clapton

You can also bind a global one in preferences->Multimedia Keys.

Some commands use the Query syntax

Implemented Easy Commands


  • switch play queue: Switch to Play Queue
  • switch metadata browser: Switch to the Metadata browser
  • switch search: Switch to the Search browser
  • switch now playing: Switch to the Now Playing browser


  • quit: Quit gmpc
  • hide: Hide gmpc
  • show: Show gmpc
  • show notification: Show the tray-icon notification. (if enabled)


  • play: start playback
  • pause: pause playback
  • next: next song
  • prev: previous song
  • stop: stop playback
  • random (on|off): Random (on|off)
  • repeat (on|off): Repeat (on|off)
  • volume [+-]?[0-9]+: Volume <level>
  • mute: Mute
  • crossfade ([0-9]+|Off): Set crossfade duration (seconds) or disable it.
  • play .*: Play <query>
  • output <number> [enable|disable|select]?: Enable or disable a specific MPD output, or select the given output (enable it and disable all others). Default to select if no action specified


  • seek hh:mm:ss: Seek to position
  • seek +hh:mm:ss: Seek relative to current position
  • seek -hh:mm:ss: Seek backwards relative to current position

Requires gmpc 0.18.1 and mpd 0.15.0:

  • repeat current song: Repeats the currently playing song forever
  • stop after current song: Stops playback after current song.
  • consume (on|off)
  • single (on|off)

Play-Queue Manipulation

  • add .*: Add <query>
  • replace .*: Replace <query>
  • Clear play queue: Clear play queue


  • Crop current song: Clears the whole play queue without removing the current playing song.


  • search database .*: Search database <query>
  • search playlist .*: Search playlist <query>

Metadata Browser

  • show current song: Show the page of the current playing song.
  • show current artist: Show the page of the current playing artist.
  • show current album: Show the page of the current playing album.


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