• Expanded and collapsed view.
  • Mini mode.
  • Full control over mpd.
  • User-configurable columns.
  • Multiple MPD profiles.
  • Keyboard friendly.
  • Support for multimedia keys.
  • Commandline control (via gmpc-remote).
  • Searching of playlist and database
  • Full playlist editing support.
  • Full metadata support. Cover art, artist art, artist biography, similar artist, album information, lyrics, similar songs. Information provided using plugins.
  • Support for fetching and parsing of online playlists. (pl3,m3u, etc).
  • Popup notification.
  • Gnome-do like quick-interface.
  • Scalable. Works well with databases ranging from a few songs to several 100 thousand songs.
  • Very flexible tag based database browser.
  • Metadata based browser.
  • Mac OsX integration.
  • Windows support.
  • Copy from any song list to playlists.
  • Plugin system.
  • Available in many languages.
  • much more.

plugins provide aditional functionality.

  • Serving local music files to mpd. (mserver)
  • Fetching lyrics from lyricwiki, lyricdb, leolyrics and more.
  • Fetching Artist images from, jamendo, magnatune, discogs, etc.
  • Fetching Cover art from, amazone, jamendo, magnatune, discogs, etc.
  • Jamendo and Magnatune integration. (Browsing, searching, playing).
  • Radio integration.
  • etc.

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