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This describes quickly, with screenshots, how to install a gmpc developers snapshot. This guide if for ubuntu.

Step 1

First we are going to grab the script that is going to handle the "heavy lifting" for us. Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 1


Now we must edit this script, I used vi todo this.
Vi is not a easy to use editor, so I advice using gedit.
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 2

Step 3

We are going to change the prefix to install in our home directory.
I also removed several plugins, we won't build now. Please remove this, or you get in trouble later one.
So set the following:
PREFIX=/home/<your username>/.local/
And the package list:

PACKAGES=("libmpd" "gmpc" "" "gmpc-coveramazon" "gmpc-lyricwiki")

Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 3

Save and close the editor

Step 4

Now we are going to install the required files to compile gmpc. You can get everything at once using the following command:
sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libsoup2.4-dev libglade2-dev gob2 automake1.10 curl git-core libtool intltool libsqlite3-dev
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 4

Step 5-6-7

Now we are going to run the script
If the script fails, try to get help via e-mail or irc. (see the getting help page).
The does not yet output a lot of helpfull debug output. I hope to fix this later.
bash ./
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 5

Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 6

Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 7

Step 8

And we are done.
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 8

If you want to update to the lastest copy, just run step 5 again.</br>

Step 9

Run gmpc.
Gmpc-dev-install-guidestep 9

For first run see this guide.

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