The query syntax is used in the search browser, the playlist quick search and in easy command.

The syntax consist of the following:


This will search for value in the field field.

The following fields are supported:

  • artist
  • album
  • title
  • track
  • Name (applies to streams)
  • Genre
  • Date
  • Composer
  • Performer
  • Comment
  • Disc
  • Filename
  • AlbuArtist
  • Any (searches all the above fields)

This search is tokenized and case insensitive, so for example:

artist=eric clapton

Will match both "eric clapton", "Clapton, Eric". To stop this tokenization wrap the values in (). For example:

artist=(Eric Clapton)

Will not match "Clapton, Eric".

To refine you search multiple queries can be concattenated:

for example:

artist=Eric Clapton album=Slowhand

There is also an option to run multiple queries at once by using the or operator ||:

artist=Eric Clapton || artist=Norah Jones

This will return all songs by Eric Clapton and Norah Jones.

Note; if <field=> is ommited, all fields are searched.