• --start-hidden Start hidden
  • --help This help message.
  • --debug-level=<level> Make gmpc print out debug information.
    • Level:
      • 0 No Output
      • 1 Error Messages
      • 2 Error + Warning Messages
      • 3 All messages
  • --version: Print version and svn revision
  • --config=<file>: tSet config file path, default ~/.gmpc/gmpc.cfg
  • --clean-cover-db: Cleanup the cover file.
  • --disable-plugins: Don't load any plugins.
  • --replace: Replace the running session with the current.
  • --quit: Quit the running gmpc session. Only works if multiple-instances is disabled.
  • --easycommand <command>: Send an easycommand query <command> to the running gmpc session. Enclose the command in double quotes if it contains spaces.

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