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Gnome Music Player Client 0.16.0: Still 100% Gnome FreeEdit

New Features and Fixes Edit

  • Rewritten current playlist backend.
  • Improved playlist validation
  • Player part of the player cleaned up, including the mini-mode.
  • Better collection detection for album art.
  • Allow reordering of the left pane by drag and drop.
  • Improved search as you type in the play queue.
  • Database and playlist search browser merged.
  • Tokenized search in search browser.
  • Improved tag browser
  • Incremental filtering of columns.
  • Directly editing of column type.
  • Better art support.
  • Search as you type in the columns.
  • Metadata browser speedups.
  • On many requests, re-adding of the stop button the main interface.
  • Correctly track output state.
  • Tooltip on song list showing details about the song.
  • Add check for mpd version. If it is too low give an error and disconnect.
  • Tightened the main interface.
  • Updated translations.
  • Fading cover art transitions.

A lot of cleanups are done, duplicate code is removed and where possible stock-widgets are used.

Removed Features Edit

  • Playlist queue's: This feature was removed from mpd, so gmpc follows.

Screenshots Edit

See them in the screenshot section.

Download Edit

Get them from this directory: [here]

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