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Big strides getting GMPC LastFMRadio working but stuck on configure. Edit


I'm relatively new to this environment but rely heavily on persistence to accomplish my goal of getting a fully functional GMPC client working on a dedicated music jukebox.

I have a large MPD music library and LastFMRadio currently playing through MPD and Pulseaudio. I use GMPC to control my music database and the MPC client controls Lastfmradio.

I am using MPD version 0.15.6, GMPC 0.15.95, and attempting to install GMPC lastfmradio plugin version 0.17.0.

I have met all the dependencies to install GMPC lastfmradio plugin, and this is verified from the configure command. I get no warnings, and all messages appear normal after running "./configure".

My question is probably a trivial one to those experienced, but what's next when there's no "make" file generated? I'm so close, what do I do next?

Any and all input is appreciated. GW 15:55, November 27, 2009 (UTC)

LAST FM Radio plugin is broken, because closed the api it was using. do not use it.. and update your gmpc, as that is way way way to old.

Thank you. I just upgraded gmpc to version 0.19.1 without a hitch...whoopeee! Sixtysadie 17:54, November 27, 2009 (UTC)