GMPC became a large project over the past 7 years. To large for very few people developing and maintaining it.So we are looking for people willing to lend a hand.

Developers Edit

  1. Keeping launchpad translations in sync with plugins and visa versa.
  2. Cleanup the code of the plugins, move to new api where needed.
  3. Keeping plugins up2date to features offered in GMPC.
  4. Developing new plugins. More MetaData plugins are needed.


Documentation is one of the things that got neglected because there wasn't enough manpower to go around.

This both developers documentation and more important user documentation.


  1. A complete user guide.
  2. A quick 'getting-started' user guide.
  3. F.A.Q
  4. Trouble shooting guide.
  5. etc.


  1. Release notes.
  2. Updated Screenshots.
  3. Dependency graphs for plugins.
  4. Explanation of plugins.
  5. etc.


  1. API Documentation
  2. A plugin quick guide. (both VALA and C)

User SupportEdit

Offcourse people willing to help out users with questions on the forum, irc channel are also needed.

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