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Since version 0.18.1 gmpc uses GLib's logging mechanism for debug output. This allows you to get log messages of sub-parts of gmpc. The following log domains are supported:

  • EasyDownloader: gmpc_easy_download.c: Output from gmpc-easy-download
  • Plugin: plugin.c: The loading and validating of plugins
  • MetaDataCache: meta_data_cache.c: The metadata cache (sqlite)
  • IPC: The ipc part
  • Gmpc: Generic message about constructing/loading and destroying.
  • SessionManagement: SM part of gmpc.

To output debug messages from this domain start gmpc with the argument --log-filter=<domain>. This argument can be specified multiple times for different domains.


  • LibNotifyPlugin: libnotify plugin.
  • LastFMPlugin: lastfm plugin.
  • LyricsPlugin: lyricsplugin.
  • DiscogsPlugin: discogs plugin.
  • dynlist: dynamic-playlist plugin

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