The metadata plugins are being rewritten in 0.18.X. There are 2 main differences:

1. Instead of returning a path to the metadata, or the metadata as a string.

The plugin should pass a link list with the results.

The list should contain:

  • ALBUM_ART: uris to images.
  • ARTIST_ART: uris to images.
  • LYRICS: string containing the lyrics
  • BIOGRAPHY: string containing the biography
  • ALBUM_TXT: string containing the text.

not yet determined


2. The plugins is no longer called from a separate thread, but from the main thread. So the plugin has to use the Async downloader provided by gmpc.

3. Multiple queries can be done at the same time, so the plugin should not rely on static variables.


1. Single thread. (Config system without mutexlocks (less overhead).)

2. Metadata selector that offers multiple options.