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What does it do Edit

Summary Edit

Mserver allows you to play local files on a remote or local mpd server.

Full Edit

Mserver starts a small embedded webserver. This webserver is used to stream local audio files to mpd. As a security precaution only files added to a list will be served to mpd and is identified by a random generated id. In the future only connections from the ip as the connected mpd. It also reads tags from the local file.

Screenshots Edit

Specs Edit

  • Webserver port: 9876
  • File support: mp3, ogg, flac, wavpack (more need to be added).
  • Config file: ~/.gmpc/server_urls.txt

Requirements Edit

  • gmpc 0.16.0 or up
  • libmpd 0.15.0 or up
  • libmicrohttpd 0.3.1
  • libtag_c

Download Edit

Stable Edit

Unstable Edit

Git repository: here

Development Edit

ToDo Edit

  • Only allow connections from the same port as mpd is connected to.
  • Allow more file-types to be played.
  • Audio-CD support?
  • Recursive adding of songs?
  • Drag and drop songs.
  • Support for reading tags from local files

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