Name Description Type Stable Unstable Deprecated Unmaintained Maintainer Note Note elmo
Coveramazon Fetches album information and images from amazon. MetaData x Qball Usable until august, then deprecated. works fine
mdcover Fetches metadata by crawling the music directory MetaData x Qball not tested
lastfm Fetches metadata using's web api. MetaData x Qball, Misery works fine. very important plugin!
lyricwiki Fetches lyrics from MetaData x Qball works fine
lyrics Fetches lyrics from leolyrics and lyrictracker MetaData x Qball * Needs splitting in 2 plugins. does not find anything
lyrdb Fetches lyrics from MetaData x Qball
discogs Fetches artist and album images from discogs MetaData x Qball * High res images.
lyricplugin Fetches lyrics from MetaData x Qball *Move to stable
mdcover2 Rewrite of mdcover that uses rules to find metadata in music directory MetaData x Do not use.
Jamendo Allows you to search, browse and preview music from jamendo Browser x Qball works
Magnatune Allows you to search, browse and preview music from magnatune Browser x Qball works fine
extraplaylist Adds an extra play-queue view in gmpc. Browser x Qball Does NOT work. Even breaks the layout. Write a report
mserver Servers local music via a build-in webserver to mpd. Browser x Qball works fine, as long as your firewall is disabled
tagedit Allow you to quickly edit tags of songs Browser x Qball not tested
albumview Shows you a list off all album covers Browser x Qball increase performance before release
serverstats Shows statistics about the connected mpd Browser x Integrated in gmpc since 0.17
lastfmradio Allows you to play radio through mpd Browser x Broken by api change
favorites Adds a favorite song list Other x Integrated in gmpc.
Wikipadia Shows the wikipedia page of the playing artist Other x syed works fine
libnotify Shows a notification on song change via the notification daemon Other x Qball works fine
lirc Allow you to control playback via lirc Other x x no equipment
awn Integrates gmpc in the avant window navigator dock Other x Malept
alarm Turns gmpc into a alarm clock Other x x works fine
avahi Uses avahi/bonjour to discover MPD servers on the local network. Other x Qball not able to test in my environment
xosd Shows on screen display via xosd Other x
qosd Shows a more modern on screen display Other x Qball
randomplaylist Fills the playlist with random songs Other x Qball does not work, or i am too stupid to use it
shout Plugin that can tune 'in' to mpd's icecast/shoutcast stream Other x Qball not tested
dynamic-playlist Adds similar songs/artists/genre to the play queue based on data Other x Misery works. no major bugs reported in mantis. consider releasing?
stopbutton Adds a stop button to the interface Other x integrated in gmpc
fullscreeninfo Shows now playing information full screen Other x x
playlistsort sorts the current play-queue Other x Qball works fine

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