Hi all

Here are some mockups of stuff i thought would be cool to present. It is of course by no means "requests" etc.. just some ideas im throwing out there that may or may not inspire stuff in the future

first up the now playing and playlist (enlarge the image to better view it)

FV 1

the numbers are for

1)some kind of Viz. some people have requested in the past

2)more subtle play/pause/etc buttons

3)redisinged palylist which may/may not show album covers, user defined views etc..its just a crazy mockup which could be a starting point for new ideas

4)playlist presets which may work closley with the dynamic plugin that would allow quick loading of pre-defined smart playlist such as only load cerain mood, genres etc and play it at random, for only X songs etc..

5)new redesigned now playing (mostly already implemented)

also IMO the metadata view should follow the new now playing (see thumbnail)


More ideas and screens may follow later on (unless everyone hates these ideas and i will accept defeat without holding ant grudge :))